Hindi is bliss…….

Since India got independence on 15th of august, 1947, Hindi has been it’s national language. Hindi is a breakaway from Sanskrit, which is a really old language. So, today I had my Hindi exam, and to be a little honest I don’t find a need for learning hindi in a world which gives more importance towards English and is changing everything accordingly. Many schools all over india are making hindi an optional subject where students can choose between Hindi and any other foreign language. It is a little tough at the beginning, when you start learning Hindi but believe me, after you are thorough with the basics, you will not find a language that is so pure to it’s roots. That is the actual reason why I chose Sanskrit in class 5. When you know either subject it is easier to learn the other. Now I know that Sanskrit is not an easy subject but learning Sanskrit is bliss. People all over the world are trying to revive sanskrit, one of the oldest existing languages known to man. I know you might be saying, “How can you say all over the world?” Well, I have an answer to that. a few years ago, My mother went to a conference where she has to present her paper. She had borrowed my camera. When she got back, I started scrolling through the content on the camera. I found something that I was genuinely shocked by watching. You wont believe me when I say this but there were around three scholars from Germany, Austria and Netherlands. At first they sounded like Indians. They’re accent was perfect while speaking in sanskrit. Yes, they were speaking in Sanskrit…… All that I am saying by writing all this is that we should at least try to protect our roots by learning a language that is a little more basic than the root, Hindi…….


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