My life so far…..

Hi, my name is Amogh and I study in class nine. My hobbies are playing games, listening to music, making aircraft (models, of course), playing the guitar, quizzing, solving puzzles, cracking codes, and working on my mac. I believe that I am very good at typing and that is why I am typing this passage for no reason. I also believe that I am good at quizzing (and that is why I win a lot of them). Oh! And I almost forgot one of my main hobbies, that is, reading. I am just so enthralled and enriched by just reading books that everyday I have reserved a particular time in the night that I devote to reading anything that comes into my time. The main reason that I am doing this is because, after a hectic day in school and after running for about an hour or so, reading is the only thing that calms me down after all this drama in school. After I come home I feel too lazy to study or do homework, so I just make a video if I have any in my mind or I just crash on to the sofa and start watching TV or Videos specifically my own because I need to know what aspect of my videos I can improve in the future. My aspirations in life are becoming a pilot and at the same time start making movies or short films as a hobby because I really like the idea of spreading a message through videos which is becoming really popular nowadays. We are living in a modern era of technology and at the same time a lot of competitions. From my experience in life up to this point in which I am typing on a PC, the main thing I will tech future generations is to use whatever that is available at hand to his/her own advantage in life. The future generations should also learn how to speak and communicate well because nowadays communication has become one of the most important things in day-to-day life. But what I won’t teach them is mugging up the answers because that is not what I did and that is what I will never do in my life ahead. It is what the children understand what is being taught not their mugging-up skills. That is why people clear exams with ease and struggle afterward in life with the perk of not understanding anything taught to them. Now to the point in my life that my aspirations of becoming a pilot is increasing day-by-day. Another one of my tips to the younger generation is to always look on the brighter side of a case because if they start looking on the darker side they will never be able to look over the wall to the brighter side and also because looking on the brighter side helps in pushing your body and soul to get whatever it is you want. But on the other side, if you keep looking on the dark side you will never get what you aspire and rather will be left behind in life while others rejoice over their achievements. I am also telling you that this article may prove to be discouraging to some folks, so, as I said look on the brighter side about all the tips and tricks that I have given you and the my encouraging behaviour. One last thing that you should have to succeed is a ‘can do’ attitude in life which will have a positive and everlasting effect on your brain. Follow these and a little bit of hard work, you will succeed.


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